Our flagship product to meet your manufacturing needs.

Fully responsive

If you've got a device chances are IMI will run on it, PC, MAC, Linux, IOS or Android. Save costly IT overhead and painful licensing problems utilizing our software as a service system.


Our specialty is data analytics, using our approach you can improve the efficiency of your organization and manufacturing lifecycle. Detect problems before they become costly.


Automated Alerts

Want to know when your milling head might be going bad or a device is due for calibration? With our automated alerts you'll be emailed any time 24/7 of events important to you.

Cloud Storage

With a secure scalable cloud storage system companies can rely on Minds Mechanical to store all manufacturing artifacts for every job, easily accessible in a single place. Our system will expand to meet your needs.

Mission Statement

Minds Mechanical is a team of experienced engineers from varying backgrounds aimed at creating best-in-class aerospace software. Our team currently works with a number of aerospace companies to provide metrology integration services and manufacturing software solutions. In working with our partners and customers we’ve seen a real need for modern, flexible tools to respond to the growing needs of the aerospace business. We deeply believe that cutting edge software will be the catalyst for a revolution in manufacturing.

Our Strengths

These are just a few of the things we excel at.


Data Analysis

The IMI software aggregates measurement data from multiple parts and times, regardless of format. Accuracy data from each part quality inspection - of a single part as it travels through the supply chain, or of multiple parts constructed from the same model or by the same machines - is stored in the cloud so that it can be easily combined into appropriate sets over time. Aggregate quality data analysis can be leveraged to improve inspection efficiency and provide lifecycle predictions for manufacturing equipment, comparison of supplier accuracies, and inspection employee performance.


Process Integration

Minds Mechanical uses systematic and general methods for designing integrated production systems, ranging from individual processes to total site integrations, with special emphasis on efficiency. From development of custom software applications to design of entire robotic cell systems, we make sure to create and integrate an excellent solution for your business needs.


Metrology Services

Minds Mechanical will perform part measurement and analysis through our partner CMMS. CMMS is a global leader in the wind, marine and aerospace industries offering a full range of metrology and tooling services. Bringing more than 25 years of experience we combine metrology, automation, tooling and statistical analysis to develop unique processes that enhance productivity and improve performance resulting in superior solutions for any industry.


Software Engineering

With a wealth of experience programming Minds Mechanical Engineers are ready to take on the industry’s toughest requirements. Minds Mechanical provides custom software development and engineering services. We specialize in web applications, web services, mobile applications, hybrid systems, automation systems, desktop development, technical support, and more.

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